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While the disused railway depot called Chapelle Charbon begins its transformation into a public park, Cie MDPA – Alexandra Lacroix, Theatrum Mundi, and the composer Marta Gentilucci are developing a unique site-specific sound work, to celebrate with local inhabitants the memory and the future of this exceptional place.

In collaboration with local residents, we are building a sonic event around the names of future users of the park, combining live voices, performance, and multi-channel soundscape. From one end of the park to the other, perched on the balconies of neighbouring buildings and the roofs of surrounding warehouses, singers and audience will together explore and appropriate the space of Chapelle Charbon.

During and after its development, they will transmit sounds and movements born from the site and collected before its redevelopment, make names resonate through it, and mark it as a new public site.

Produced by Cie-MDPA – Alexandra Lacroix and the composer Marta Gentilucci, with support from IRCAM, and followed by research centre Theatrum Mundi, the long-term project enivsages as much the development of new ideas as sensory experiences. The project accompanies the transformation of the site, reaching its apex with the opening of the park in 2020.

Across the months, up until summer 2020, public workshops and recordings will be organised, contributing to the creation of a performance work of a new type. In 2020, the final performance will take its full scale and resonate in the immensity of the newly-created space.

The project was initiated by the core team as a result of discussions and experiments that took place during a series of workshops organised by Theatrum Mundi as part of the Global Cities chair at the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, and supported by CGET, from June 2016 – May 2017.

Watch & Listen

  • Voi[e,x,s] Chapelle Charbon #2
  • Voi[e,x,s] Chapelle Charbon #1
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Team & Partners

Cie MDPA – Alexandra Lacroix : conception and production
Marta Gentilucci  : composition
Theatrum Mundi : research and co-production


Fondation Orange
Ville de Paris
Theatrum Mundi
Reciprocity Design Liège


IRCAM : soundscape recordings
Theatre l’Etoile du Nord : artist residency
Main d’œuvres : artist residency
TAKTYK : citizen participation

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Such a project – which combines urbanism, soundscape, composition, performance, and citizen participation – is not only an artistic creation but a platform for testing new approaches to the staging of public life. The Evens Foundation, in partnership with Theatrum Mundi, has initiated a research fellowship integrated into the project to understand of how it uses performance to change the relationship of people to their environment. A series of essays and publications around the project is published here.

Conversations with the city: but can it talk back?

Format: Essay
By John Bingham-Hall


A l’écoute de la de l’imprévu pour deployer un imaginaire en transition

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By Alexandra Lacroix, Henri Guette


Voi[e,x,s]: un interview avec Alexandra Lacroix et Marta Gentilucci

Format: Conversation
By Alexandra Lacroix, Marta Gentilucci, John Bingham-Hall


Sonic urbanism

Format: Publication
By Theatrum Mundi


Voi[e,x,s]: an interview with Alexandra Lacroix and Marta Gentilucci

Format: Conversation
By Alexandra Lacroix, Marta Gentilucci,
John Bingham-Hall


Sonic urbanism

Format: Publication
By Theatrum Mundi