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The disused railway depot Chapelle Charbon has begun its transformation to become an urban park by 2020. The site’s immensity, its silence, wild nature, and industrial landscape will soon be filled with the new sounds of public life.

Theatrum Mundi, Cie MDPA - Alexandra Lacroix, and the composer Marta Gentilucci are developing Voi[e,x,s]: a project that will use this exceptional space as a stage and as an instrument, collaborating with its future inhabitants to make audible their voices, their names, to perform the site’s past and its new possibilities.

Voi[e,x,s] Chapelle Charbon #1 was a test of these ideas using the Parc des 12 Saisons, a temporary social space created by Collectif Chapelle Charbon during the development. For this experiment, 300 names of local residents resounded in the architecture of the park, amongst the voices of children, performers and the urban surroundings. This film documents the performance that took place on 22 and 23 June 2018, and serves as an invitation to become involved in the creation of a much more ambitious that will take place in the new park in 2020.

The film presented above features excerpts from the public performance that took place on 22 and 23 June 2018 and which are a trial run for the ambitious creation that will take place in 2020 when the new park will open.

The film was projected for the first time at the event “À l’orée de la ville: musique et architecture à la périphérie de Paris” which took place on 26 Septembre 2018 at MSH Paris Nord, Saint-Denis.

For more information, read “A score for a terrain vague” by John Bingham-Hall, visit Theatrum Mundi’s dedicated webpage or drop us an email at voiexs@theatrum-mundi.org.